Escape From Neverland by Nils Visser


Title: Escape from Neverland

Genre: Contempory Fantasy

Author: Nils Visser

Blurb: Escape from Neverland is a fantabulist novel in which modern social reality is fused with a nearby setting which is weird in nature, to say the least. The Wyrde Woods, just around the corner really, are filled with echoes of legends and myths of the past, inhabitants seemingly living in a different age altogether, prophecies, owls, ghosts and three good pubs. The protagonist, Wenn Twyner, struggles to make sense of it all and when she begins to succeed her life starts to change for the better. WARNING: Expletives and some rock-n-roll. These are real British kids.

Word & Page count. Words: 73,244 Pages: 254

I haven’t read a fantasy novel in quite some time now and I was happy that the choice to read this one turned out to be a good decision. Escape From Neverland by Nils Visser is definitely a must read.

I really loved the way it was written and although the strange language the author has created and woven into the book can be a little confusing at first, I found I rather liked it and think it is quite creative and unique.

The story follows the main character Wendy (aka Wenn in the Wyrde Woods) who is a troubled teenager who flees her life in a children’s home and discovers a whole other life full of magical creatures living in the Wyrde Woods. Throughout the book you follow Wendy/Wenn on her journey and really get to know her as if she were someone you may actually know in real life.

The characters are colourful and wonderful and I loved them all. The dialogue was witty and well written and this story was all round really interesting and brilliantly done. I highly recommend this book to others and if the author were to submit the next book in the series to me for review it would go straight to the “Definitely Read” list.

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